Wuhan, May 11-24 World Championship Women 2015

Rules and Regulations

General organization

1. The organization of the World Championship Women 2015 has been allotted by FMJD to the Chinese Draughts Association and will take place from May 11th (arriving day), till May 24th (departure day) in Wuhan.

2. The sixteen participants are nominated according to a schema and rules accepted by the FMJD General Assembly:

Title Name Country Qualification
GMIF Zoja GOLUBEVA Latvia World Champion
GMIF Tamara TANSYKKUZHINA Russia Challenger
  You ZHANG China Organisation Ticket
MIF Hanqing ZHAO China Sponsor Ticket
  Enkhtuul DONDOV Mongolia FMJD Wild Card
MIF ALATENGHUA China Championship of Asia #1
  Odgerel MOLOMJAMTS Mongolia Championship of Asia #2
GMIF Olga BALTAZHY Ukraine Championship of Europe #1
MIF Julia MAKARENKOVA Ukraine Reserve Player for Championship of Europe #2
MIF Nika LEOPOLDOVA Russia Championship of Europe #3
MIF Aigul IDRISOVA Russia Championship of Europe #4
GMIF Olga FEDOROVICH Belarus Championship of Europe #5
MIF Natalia SADOWSKA Poland Championship of Europe #6
MIF Laima ADLYTE Lithuania Replacement Africa
MFF Marika AZOJAN Estonia Replacement America
GMIF Olga KAMYCHLEEVA Netherlands Rating

Explanation of Titles: GMIF - Grand Maître International Féminin, MIF - Maître International Féminin, MFF - Maître Fédération Féminin. 

3. The tournament will be supervised by main referee ir Henri Macaux (France).

4. A Jury d’Appel (appeal board) has been composed by the CD of FMJD.

Chairman: Johan Demasure (Belgium), members: Jan Zioltkowski (Germany), Jacek Pawlicki (Poland). The protest must be accompanied with the sum of 50 euros, as a deposit from the signatory. The deposit must be handed to the main referee. If the appeal is granted, the sum shall be returned immediately. If the appeal is refused, the deposit is forfeited to FMJD. The appeal has to be lodged by the player within 1 hour after the main referee decision and before the next game. The decisions of the Jury d'Appel are final.


Reserve players

5. For reserve players the general limit – maximum 2 players from one country for places 6- 16 is still valid.

6. Before the end of March 2015 → if a qualified athlete informs FMJD that she cannot participate or she did not confirm her acceptance of the conditions for the event, she is replaced by an athlete from the tournament from which she was qualified.

7. From April 1st 2015 → athletes will be taken from the reserve list defined by the Executive Board of FMJD based on the FMJD women’s rating list and the final results of the qualification tournaments (according to Annex XII, article 7):

1 GMIF Matrena Nogovitsyna Russia
2 GMIF Darya Tkachenko Ukraine
3 MIF Vitalia Doumesh Netherlands
4 MIF Darja Fedorovich Belarus
5 MIF Heike Verheul Netherlands
6 MIF Olesia Abdoullina Latvia
7 MFF Arleta Flisikowska Poland
8 GMIF Erdenetsogt Mandakharan Mongolia


Format of the tournament

8. The tournament will be played as a round-robin, so 15 rounds in total.

9. The official rules of FMJD will be used. Use of clocks and recording games is compulsory during the whole game. The games will be played in the official FMJD time rate of the Fischer system with 1 hour and 20 minutes for the game plus 1 minute per move. In accordance with FMJD regulations, players are not allowed to agree on a draw before they both made 40 moves. If they do so nevertheless, the referee is obliged to decide on a 0-0 result.

10. The final classification will be based on the total points obtained. The first place gives right to the title of ‘World Champion International Draughts Women 2015'.

11. If two or more players share the same place the following factors will be used to define the places occupied:

1. the largest number of victories
2. the best results between the tied players
3. the best results obtained in order of the classification

12.If the criteria from the previous point will not decide about final order:

1. for the places 1, 2 or 3 - a deciding tie-break will be played:

One tie-break with system Lehmann-Georgiev (15 minutes and 2 seconds added per move for an unlimited number of games). If more players shared place then round robin tournament with G-L games (10 minutes and 2 seconds). The number of minutes to start with may be changed by the main referee depending on the number of players ending ex-aequo and the time available, if necessary after consultation with the Tournament Director FMJD and the organization.

2. for the places 4- ... the places will be shared (prizes will be divided)



13. Official hotel and playing venue: Hubei Zhonghe International Hotel (No 1, Phoenix Road, Phoenix Development Zone, Caidian, Wuhan, Hubei) Web site: http://www.zhonghehotel.cn.

14.Hospitality costs for the players from May 11st until May 24 is for free 15.Hospitality for accompanying persons and extra days for the players:

1. The price of single room: 428CNY each day including breakfast

2. The price of double room: 428CNY each day including breakfast

3. It is the same price for accompanying person and for additional days for players.

4. The price of lunch and dinner is 200CNY per person per day during the Championship.

5. Please note that participants who arrive before the offcial arrival day and departure late shall be responsible for their own meals.

6. The hotel accept only Chinese yuan by cash. So please notify participants to exchange money at airport or local bank in Wuhan.



16. The national federations presenting players have to pay the registration fee of their players to the representative of the FMJD or directly to FMJD bank account (details: http://fmjd.org/fmjd.html) , according to the regulation of the General Assembly. A player for whom the registration fee is not paid before the first round, is not allowed to participate in the tournament. This amount is 100€

17. Prize money – total amount is € 20,000 and will be divided as follows:

1st place  € 5,000 
2nd place  € 3,500
3rd place  € 2,500
4th place  € 1,500
5th  place  € 1,000
6th  place  €    800
7th  place  €    800
8th  place  €    800
9th  place  €    700
10th  place  €    700
11th  place  €    500 
12th  place  €    500
13th place  €    500
14th  place  €    400
15th  place  €    400
16th  place  €    400



18. Rights from this World Championship for the title match 2016 and Championship 2017

1. If the titleholder keeps the title, the number two will be Challenger.
2. If the titleholder loses the title, she will be the Challenger.
3. The new world champion and the challenger are qualified for the World Championship 2017.

19. The players finishing in the first three places will receive a medal and an official diploma. 20.It is forbidden to smoke in the playing hall.

21. The player has to be at her board at the scheduled starting time of the game. The consequences will be an official warning who where not present for the first time and a second time a fine of 100 Euro and a third time the game will be declared in a loss for her.

22. In the case of lack of clarity in the FMJD regulations or in these regulations, or in unforeseen circumstances, the matter at hand will be decided by the main referee in consultation with Jury’dAppel.



Monday May 11 Arriving Day
Tuesday May 12 Round 1
Wednesday May Round 2-3
Thursday May Round 4
Friday May Round 5-6
Saturday May Round 7
Sunday May Rest
Monday May Round 8-9
Tuesday May Round 10
Wednesday May Round 11
Thursday May Round 12-13
Friday May Round 14
Saturday May Round 15
  May Closing
Sunday May Departure